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    Chotoko group photo

    The history of the band is explained step by step, just like the path they're walking day by day:

    Chotokoeu is born in 2007 promoted by some friends who like to play percussion and guitar in squares and streets, the good vibes between components made it possible for more musicians to join the band and look for a place to rehearse. After being alive for one month, the band played their first concert in A Coruña.

    From 2007 till 2011 they performed around 80 gigs travelling throughout Galicia and learning on the stage. The band wanted to compose and play, play and play. By 2008, they record 3 songs, winning the 2009 Galiza Crea Contest with them. This prize allowed them to buy their van, which enabled them to move easily around, with all their energy and joy. Their proposal was gaining more and more adepts and they closed this period sharing stage with Ojos de Brujo in their home city.

    2012 is a turning point. Everything was going on perfectly and they had the opportunity to play at Sala Capitol (Compostela) with La Pegatina. A new original and powerful show, with theatrical moments and some juggling included. With the venue fully crowded (600 people) and the good response of the audience, the band is ready to focus all their energy into the project, 100% full time and on self-managed way. From materials recorded on that concert, their first album was released (Live in Capitol, self edited). With this cd they organise their first European tour (40 days, 20 concerts and 6 countires) playing at important festivals like mainstage Fusion Festival (Germany) with Shantel. In Galicia, they bring their new show to festivals like Reperkusión, sharing line-up with Manu Chao. Chotokoeu is not only a music band, it's also a collective willing to shake and stir Galician culture, that's why that year they organised a multidiscipline festival, Vibra Balboa Festival, joining together music, circus and theatre with nature, offering Galicia new ideas that originated in big festivals round Europe.

    By 2013 their first studio album was released (Chotokoeu, self-edited) that they showed in venues and festivals through Galicia ("Castelo Rock" with O'Funkillo or "Son das Mámoas" with La Raíz) and festivals across Europe: "Kokopelli" or "Fiesta Mundial" with La Troba Kung-Fu. With their passion to organise events in new ways and forms, they created "Caravana de Emerxencias", at Sala Capitol (full house again).This concert included a new way of organising a party in a venue like this, never seen before, letting each person of the audience to choose the price of the event. They obteined a lot of media impact, arriving even to the UK. Also, they repeated with the 2nd edition of the Vibra Balboa Fest. They close this year with "15 días, 15 bares", travelling through Galicia playing 15 days back to back. The machine was working fully charged.

    By 2014 they hit back the road with their 5th European tour. Festivals like "Gracias a la Vida" with Kiril or Blue Balls in Switzerland were in their agenda with a great welcome by the audience and critic. This year they play for the first time in Madrid, getting a full house in a famous venue like Sala Caracol. Back home, as promoters, organisers and playing band, they get another full house in Coruña with "Noites de Luz". With the 3rd edition of the Vibra Balboa Fest, it became an important event in the Galician festial scene.

    After 8 years, with more than 400 concerts, the band is living a very beautiful 2015. In the verge of releasing their 2nd studio album (Saír a Voar, self-edited) recorded in France, they present new songs in Spain with a very good welcome like winning, among 30 bands, the Festival de Música de Trebujena in Cádiz and having full houses in Oviedo, León, Coruña and Madrid. They leave their country with the 6th european tour heading to places like Hootananny (London), Counter Culture Festial (Utrecth) or Open Air Zizkov Sobe (Prague). This year they also had a very important day in their career, the Iboga Summer Festival, playing after Gentleman and with Fanfare Ciocarlia and Asian Dub Foundation. As they can't remain iddle even for a moment, they are working on exploring new horizons like Russia, Macedonia or South America.


    "Live in Capitol" 2012

    Live recording at Sala Capitol
    Santiago de Compostela

    "Chotokoeu" 2013

    Recorded at Bruar studio
    A Coruña, España.
    Selection of songs of their 5 first years

    "Saír a Voar" 2015

    Recorded at Celestine studio at Pau, France.
    Their newest job including some of the songs from the live show


    Chotokoeu is a live band and its musicians learned to play on stage. This, added to 7 years with more than 400 gigs, is something people can notice when they go to their concerts and feel their charactheristic energy. In the last 3 years the band played more than 100 gigs per year in 11 tours, 6 of them European


    Besides playing, the band organises festivals and events trying to bring quality music closer to everybody. The most important festivalsare: Vibra Balboa Festival, with its 4th edition in 2015; Noites de Luz, periodically organised in important venues of Galicia, and Caravana de Emerxencias, a new way of organising an event in Galicia with the audience choosing the final price. With this, the band gave the possibility to new bands from Spain, Europe and South America to play in inportant venues and festivals, letting the audience get to know them.







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